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Are you living your life
in full color?


Some people allow themselves to be held back by mental health conditions such as anxiety, trauma, grief and mood disorders, but we donʼt have to live with these barriers. You go to the gym, make regular visits to the dentist and eat your vegetables. Why not care for your mental health in the same way?

You have the power to grow and bring out the best in yourself. Whether you want to address a specific health condition, explore something thatʼs troubling you or simply make the most of your gifts, Full Color Counseling can give you a warm, nonjudgemental place to blossom.

Dr. Tara Alexander takes a flexible, down-to-earth approach to mental health. With a Ph.D and 20 years of experience, she knows how to help you find answers. You choose the method that works best for you, whether itʼs talking in the office, working out your feelings with art projects or taking a walk. She knows what tools can help and how to create a consistent, safe environment where you can explore.

Contact Dr. Tara today via phone, text or email and begin bringing your life into full color!

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